Advertising with My Full Ass

So on Day 1 of my book being published, I was all excited about using Amazon’s ad tools. I did the exclusivity deal with them and all that jazz. But there is one problem.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 9.20.41 AM

My book is being listed as erotica, and erotic content cannot be advertised. However, my book is not erotica. There is reference to sex, like when one of my characters vomits during a blowjob, but nothing super detailed and definitely not anything that would qualify as sexy.

I check my settings and I have my book listed under women’s fiction and general fiction, not erotica. So I write in to the good people at Amazon. I receive this response:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 9.30.46 AM

I still cannot advertise, so I wrote back. But they seem to be nice and genuinely trying to help, which I appreciate. So I will have to use Amazon ads another day.

I am still allowed to do a giveaway, which I will be doing from May 5 to May 9. So save the date and download a free copy of my book on or between those dates!

Aside from Amazon, there is the wonderful world of Facebook to advertise on! First, I was trying to get people to download my free book, or to Like my Facebook page. Those results were pretty bad. So after listening to some Rocking Self Publishing podcasts and a warm bath filled with cupcake confetti bubbles, I made new ads to test out what I had learned.

I made four ads. I thought about who would be interested in my book. My book is about:

  • Broke millennials
  • who live in NYC
  • who are minorities
  • are loaded with student debt
  • work in tech
  • and support the Black Lives Matter movement

So . . . Bernie Sanders. Right?

I added other interests at first, but I began with Bernie Sanders, the TV shows Girls and Broad City, and Bojack Horseman, just because I really like Bojack Horseman.

Age range: 18 – 40

Location: United States, and one of my ads I added Canada

My Facebook ads did way super better. I’ve gotten far more clicks to my direct book page. Check it:



The four ads you see have slight variations to the age, location targeted, and the copy of the ad. One of the ads also has Hillary Clinton as an interest, where the others do not. People between the ages of 18-34 seem to be clicking more, so I made one ad targeting just them.

$.18 per click is obviously the most successful ad, but the others are new, so I am waiting to see how they pan out.

Only one of these ads has converted into an actual sale, but in terms of exposure, this has been great and I will continue using these ads and this targeted approach.

Next I will be looking for ways to maximize free exposure! With, as usual, my full ass.

Until next time.