Free Books! Forever! Or, until May 13.

I will be giving away all three of my books from now until May 13! Check ’em out and download your favorite when it’s available, or all three!

May 1 – 5: What Grows in Heavy Rain

Broke and living on borrowed time in a retreat in Costa Rica, Suzie and Clara have less than a game plan. When Richard, an older millionaire shows up, Clara thinks their problems are solved. Meanwhile, the owners of the property sweep a string of armed robberies under the rug. What’s the price of paradise?

May 5 – 9: Trust & Safety

Daria is a twenty-something working for “LoveALot,” a dating site in a New York City office. Her primary job? Blocking inappropriate photos sent by enthusiastic suitors. After three years of scrolling through nude pics and harassing comments, Daria begins to question her tumultuous past, her debt-riddled present, and an unclear future.

May 9 – 13: Bastard in a Haunted House

Sharon is a young painter who sells prints, totes, and cards in her online shop. After inheriting a large house in Oakland, California, she begins renting out the extra rooms. When one of her tenants kills the house pet, Sharon must figure out how to keep herself and her tenants safe . . .


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