LM Martens

LM Martens

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You wrote a book. You need feedback. Maybe you’re not a woman, but one of your main characters is, and you’re a little worried about the voice. Family members and friends are too kind to give constructive feedback, and people on the Internet are not constructive at all (in fact, they’re outright mean).

Let me help you.

Whether it’s just a part of your story or the entire novel, I would love to help you:

  • Flesh out your characters
  • Point out any plot inconsistencies
  • Help with voice and tone
  • Give constructive, kind, honest feedback!

Please fill out the form and describe your project.



I have my MFA in Creative Writing from CCNY and have worked for Akashic, an independent publishing house in New York City. Part of my job was sifting through the infamous “slush pile” and helping editors decide which manuscripts moved forward . . . and which did not.

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