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Lisa Martens

Writer, Digital Nomad, and All-around Bitch

For the past two years, people have asked me how to overcome mental blocks when it comes to writing. I finally decided to compile some of the tips into this e-book: STFU & SAY SOMETHING.

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If you’re a beginner or you just can’t seem to start writing, this e-book covers some of the mental blocks I had to overcome to start blogging regularly. Last month, I made $600 just blogging…but that came with a lot of hard work—Most of which was psychological.

This book discusses:

  • The toxic nature of hustle culture
  • How being healthy is ESSENTIAL to art!
  • SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) and how it derails your projects
  • Digging under excuses
  • Tips on writing humor
  • And more!

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